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About CarpSnatcher

The emergence of Carp Snatcher

After a very bad accident, i came to sit at home for a long time. After a lot of hospital visits and rehabilitation of many years and a lot of heavy medication, things eventually went a bit better physically. Mentally I was still a wreck. To get myself mentally stronger, I picked up my old passion carp fishing again. After some time I noticed that by fishing I could accept the accident better and could close it down. Every time I went carp fishing and caught some beautiful monsters I became mentally stronger.

I usually tried to fish in a balanced way, but I found it very irritating to drill that out of my hand and it never really worked for me. The hookbait often tore during the drilling. I then started thinking about how that could be done better and also that you can balance pellets or other bait. I invented and patented the Bait Balancer.

With the Bait Balancer you can turn your bait into a pop up or a wafter in no time, which saves you a lot of money. Pellets small or large can also be balanced with the Bait Balancer. On my website you can watch many movies about how the Bait Balancer works.

I wish you a lot of balanced catches,