Hareco Carp Show 2020

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Hareco Carp Show 2020

Carp Snatcher at the Hareco Carp Show 2020

Bait Balancer

If you like to use a bit of balanced hookbait, you must have used cork, pieces of foam and a drill bit. Not really difficult, but drilling the hole really straight is of course not very easy from a loose hand. Of course there is still the old saying 'ease serves man'. And this certainly applies to this product. The ease and speed with which you provide your boilie with a hole with a piece of foam and then thread it onto the hair is amazing. Actually, it's very simple and straightforward, but I haven't seen it before. You place the bait in the holder, press the other half on it and drill a hole with the included drill bit. The holder is made in such a way that you can't rotate through the borehole.

Then you place a piece of foam in the borehole which you then push with the drill bit on the spot. The foam and the drill bit are perfectly matched to each other so that it clamps securely. Then you push through the small hole on the other side of the borehole through your bait so that it sits exactly in the middle of the foam and pull your hair through it. Now you can take your boilie out of the holder and provide it with a stopper and you're done. The Bait Balancer will be available in two versions, one for 15,16 and 17 mm baits and the other for 20,21 and 22mm. On the picture you see the prototype and with a bit of luck they will be available at Carp Zwolle at Wout van Leeuwen's stand. You can also enter a competition to use the Bait Balancer as soon as possible. The fastest participant per day will win a Bait Balancer.






Bron: https://www.carpfeeling.com/


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